One Operating System

I study startup founders as a hobby. Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, has explained on youtube and podcasts his way of thinking about philosophy, health, productivity hacks, etc.

One great insight he said is that having one good-enough operating system is better than having many separate great systems. Jack decided to go all-in with apple — which is not only good enough but great.

So did I. I was more than halfway in already. Now I own almost all apple products, and they have made my workflow seamless. I read the manual for my iPhone, and it helped me understand the ecosystem deeper. The learning curve for new products is much lower — things work. I always try out their new software and hardware to see which ones stick. I am writing this on my iPad, on apple notes, with my apple pen.

Jack’s most used app is apple notes. When I heard about it, I did it too for experimenting, and it became my most used app too.

My screen time last week with apple notes on the lead:

<< Copy what’s best of what others have already figured out. >>

First draft of this post in apple notes:

In apple notes, I can copy my handwriting and paste it as text easily.

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