Welcome to my online home. I use this website to share some things about my intellectual life, explore my interests, clarify my thoughts, and practice the craft of writing.

I was born and raised in Panama until I went to study economics at the University of Texas at Austin, where I graduated in 2012. I came back to Panama, worked at many companies, and ended up in the only venture capital firm in Panama to learn more about entrepreneurship.

During that job, I learned a lot about startups, Y-combinator, founders, and venture capital. I realized there were not enough startups locally for a VC to thrive in Panama — yet. So I decided to become an entrepreneur.

I co-founded Porta Norte in 2014 and since have acquired the know-how to start an intentional master-planned community. Porta Norte is the biggest walkable solarpunk town in Panama City.

I write in Spanish and English about urbanism, philosophy, books, cities, wisdom, entrepreneurship, my life, my interests and things I wish to learn.

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